Project portfolio

1. Longstone Landscapes project (see Prezi below)

My presentation of a research project in Exmoor on behalf of GSB Prospection!

2. Archaeosoup Internship teacher's pack

Thanks to Rob Keyes for producing and editing this video, and to Charles Whitehead and Marc Barkman-Astles for helping with the document! My video element of an old Archaeosoup internship, which involved creating a teacher's pack aimed at primary school pupils. It explinas what the Iron Age is, focuses on the archaeological site of Stanwick Oppidum and has a fun activity for teachers to use in lessons to show what archaeologists do! The video below highlights the practical element.

The teacher's pack can be found via this link.

I've also got a couple of photoshoots up my sleeve, see the video below at 7:29!

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